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Awesome Turbo Eels

These eels are practically designed not only to fish full size but you can also cut them down either to repair a torn out hook area or just to reduce it to suit various fishing conditions and for it to still work well in fish attraction. As you will see from the tank test video they perform well at various sizes and using the different weight and hook size options in my turbo jigheads you can set this lure up to fish for a wide variety of species. The eels are tough too being made in my new X2 silicone rubbers and they're environmentally friendly as well. Plenty of colours all top catching if you see the Flamer IV video you will the supersoft version on test taking plenty of Cod and Pollock and double figure fish in the images using the other versions.

Not sure then contact me for advice before buying. Item Ref: Awesome Turbo Eels

Eels are supplied as a body and the jighead separate so you can decide what size you want.
Alternatively contact me and I will assemble them full size and superglue them together for you.


X2 Silicone Rubber Eels Solid Colours


X2 Silicone Rubber Eels


Super Soft Eels


Examples of Eels cutback to various sizes


Catch images from sea trials and quick view images from the Awesome eels tank test video.


Catch images from sea trials also see the video of Flamer IV action.


Awesome eels cracked the Bass and caught well in different colours

Rod used was the Blackrock Supersport T2 if you want to some fun and good sport use one of these


HD quality video of these lures and see them in action

Tank Test and Product Video


Wreck Fishing On Flamer IV See The Awesome Eels In Action




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