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Deviltails and Deviltail Shads UV Reactive Colours
Made in X2 tough silicone rubber

UV or Ultra Violet light penetrates to great depths more than ordinary light and these lures are made using a UV additive which when exposed to UV give a vivid glow to them. The pattern of the Deviltail Shads and the eels add to the attraction with their highly active tails. My proven large paddletail on the shads are killer for Cod and Pollock and have taken Bass, similar to the Deviltails with their whippy curltails again good attraction for predatory fish.

Range of colours to suit most fishing conditions and as the two tone Rhubarbs show I can do these in a range of combined colours such as Blue White, Red White, Yellow white. Jigheads are my Turbo's with Eagleclaw hooks 570 HBP's 6/0 and 9/0 and the weights 13g, 20g, 33g, plus the body weights so plenty of choices.

Not sure then contact me for advice before buying. Item Ref: Deviltails UV reactives


Deviltail Shads X2 Silicone Rubber Lures UV Reactive


Deviltails X2 Silicone Rubber Lures UV Reactive


Examples how the lures react to UV light



Deviltails and shads are also available in my Supertough silicone and X2 tough silicones (none UV) They will be up in the store soon interim
If you want these colours and silicone Contact Me and I will advise how to order them.



Some of the fish taken on sea trials this year by me and a variety of anglers.


HD quality video of these lures and see them in action



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