Ripple Fish Scented Paddle Tail Lures For Bass, Cod & Pollock
Shrimp & Salt flavoured lures sold in packets of 4 one colour or 4 mixed as seen
Sizes are 8.5cm" / 3.25 and approx 5.9grams in weight

These lures are our own exclusive colours & design and work well for all predatory fish, light in weight and very flexible PVC the swimming action and scent trail make them a really good alternative to natural baits. The body is ribbed and articulated so a trail of bubbles and vibrations attracts the fish and the large paddle tail induces the take add in the shrimp and salt on the menu and your catch rate should improve. Very easy to rig and fish with. Item Ref: Ripple Fish

Fishing and setup Hints: Two examples are shown of the rigging suggested. 1: The Easy rig simply hook it through the head as shown and go fishing, works but bear in mind like any natural bait or lure rigged like this one good take and the lure is fish breakfast. 2: The threaded rig a more secure way of rigging with this lure, to get a really secure rig make some up the night before you go fishing and glue the lure to the hook shaft with our Anglers Glue we suggest the day before as the glue isn't waterproof until set, do it on the day and it will still work but runs the risk of being washed out. Traces, ask your skipper for advice when on a boat and pier or beach try various lengths to see what works on the day.

Shipping on this product is 1.20 for 1 x Ripple Fish or 4 x Ripple Fish, to UK destinations, for EU or rest of world please enquire before ordering, if you want more then contact us for best shipping rates.

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