Jig Head Stinger Stix The Lure With A Sting In It's Tail For Bass, Cod & Pollock
Shrimp, mackerel and Salt flavoured lures sold in packs of 6 one colour or 6 mixed as seen
You can also buy one lure to trial them if you wish
Sizes are 15cm" / 6 overall and approx 23grams in weight, Eagle Claw 635 Lazer sharp hooks 2/0 size

The Stinger Stix with our Hydro Efficient tear drop jig heads takes this simple lure to a new level of attraction for predatory fish. With the soft plastic flexible body and stinger tail plus a trail of bubbles from the ribbed body and three scents thrown in what fish can resist that. The jighead features the Eagleclaw 635 seaguard lazer sharp hooks that are strong and will easily connect with the fish, hydro efficient jighead and painted eye. Item Ref: Stinger Stix + Jigheads

WHY JIGHEADS and not internally weighted like similar lures ??? That is simple it gives the angler totally flexibility and the bodies can easily be replaced, if you want larger hooks or a heavier jig head or replacement bodies CONTACT US this is why we use our own jigheads they offer so much more flexibility.

The Stinger Stix are offered plain or you can purchase them with a 35lb strong abrasive resistant mono trace so the lure is ready to fish out of the bag a big Must Have if you're wreck or reef drifting.

Shipping on this product is 1.20 for 1 x Stix or 6 x Stix, to UK destinations, for EU or rest of world please enquire before ordering, if you want more then contact us for best shipping rates. For traces to be added select either 1 x trace or 6 x trace as they're listed as a separate item, if you want other sizes or lengths Contact Us when you order.

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Stinger Stix Jighead 6 Pack

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