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Turbo Supercharger Eels

I've set this page up like this to navigate to the various options that I make these lures in. Click on each thumb image to go to that colour range option for more details on the colours, materials they're made in, hook sizes and jighead weights. The Turbo Supercharger Eels are the larger size version of my Turbo Eels and were designed to work with fishing for the larger species found out in Norway and Iceland plus when fishing the UK wrecks for large Cod, Pollock, Ling, Bass and Turbot. So if you need a stockier stronger lure then consider these, check out the tank test video and you will see the kick ass action these lures have.

Note: X2 Silicone Rubber is the formula of the rubber used specially developed for my lures. It doesn't mean x2 amount for that cost.

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Super Tough Silicone Rubber Lures


X2 Silicone Rubber Lures


X2 Silicone Rubber Lures UV Reactive





Well tried and tested out in Norway taking quality hard fighting fish and standing up to pin sharp teeth.
Large Supercharger Eel 9/0 hook takes a 116lb Halibut in Norway.


HD quality video of these lures and see them in action




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