Turbo Fish is available as finished lures with bonded in Turbo jigheads in sizes 4/0 on the small lure body and 6/0 on the larger bodies. Silicone rubber X2 so good tough lures but with plenty of tail action and attraction with the UV (Ultra Violet) additives.

Other hook options 4/0 on the small fish, 6/0 on medium and large fish. You can also order 7/0, 8/0 and 9/0 sizes they do cost more as hooks are more expensive this option is for the medium and large bodies only. Use the Contact Me link to order.

If you want to buy just bodies for use with your own Jigheads costs are:
Small 1.00
Medium or Large 1.50
Minimum Order ONE COLOUR is Five Bodies.
Shipping 1.35 1st class UK address's EU are extra. Use the Contact Me link to order them.

Item Ref: Turbo Fish CONTACT ME


Just select from the size and colour options I can also do these with GITD (Glow In The Dark Additives) to order just ask.
Best option if you want GITD is to go for main colour and ask for GITD TAILS they fish well. I.E. UV Blue Pearl with GITD tails.



Shipping on this product is 1.35 for 1 Turbo Fish or multiples up to 750grams to UK destinations, for EU or rest of world please enquire before ordering, if you want more then contact us for best shipping rates.


Turbo Fish Large

Turbo Fish Medium

Turbo Fish Small

I took plenty of the Mk1 versions to Norway and they fished really well and proved very durable In my X2 Silicone
Here are a few catch images and our trip gallery and video is on this PAGE.




Examples Pollock fishing on recent sea trials in the UK and both sizes took a good number of fish wrecking mid channel.



Used in 2016 On The Bass to great success RECOMMENDED !!






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