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How to cold smoke fish, cheeses, meats, olives and any other food you like smoked. Cold smoking is just that it flavours the food but it doesn't cook it.

This is how I do it and works for me and you can adapt to suit the quantities you want to smoke per session. If you want to smoke larger amounts building a smoke cupboard is very easy to do and some ideas are shown.

I smoke overnight outside of course as it's the coolest time and convenient and the depth of flavour attained in that time say 2200hrs - 0800hrs is suitable for our taste buds. Plus a half full smoke generator is sufficient for that length of burn, you don't have to fill the generator full each session. You will get used to your needs as you try it out.

Invest in a vacuum packer well worth the cost outlay, vac packed cheeses store well in a fridge, fish and meats keep many months in a freezer, plus the flavours develop too for deeper taste. Andrew James their basic one works for all our needs and they supply the correct bags or rolls used them for over 5 years now:

For the smoke generators best to shop around to get best prices I use the Weber round one, Google Cold Smoke Generators the ProQ one is good too and they last had mine a couple of years now. Available on variety of BBQ stores, EBay, Amazon etc.

Smoke dusts in a variety of wood flavours I use www.smokewoodshack.com whiskey oak is a good flavour for fish and cheese but there are plenty of others they offer and some good ideas on their site too. Experiment all our taste buds are different.

Click the thumbs for bigger picture and I've added a brief description to each image.

My Webber kettle BBQ dubs for my smoker and you can use any BBQ with a lid or you can make your own smoke cupboard see some ideas below.
The Weber smoke generator with being round fits well over the air control. Very little air is needed for the wood dust to smoulder and produce the smoke so play with that and adjust the controls accordingly again practice.
The Weber BBQ ready to add the food to be smoked. The lids fit over the bottoms so if it rains overnight it just drains away so you don't have to worry there of food getting wet.
Variety of wood flavours from the smokewood shack people. Make sure you store it in a dry place or it becomes hard to light. The bags they supply their dust in are good and strong and seal well after use.
I fill mine from centre out and only 1/3rd usually does an overnight burn so again adjust by practice to suit your generator. Don't burn more than you have to.
Generator full ready to light, see below lighting options.
Burn nearing completion, I let mine burn out and then clean it especially round the mesh don't be too heavy handed as you will puncture it and get cross burning then, the mesh guides the burn.
The ProQ burner same principle just square shape.
I light using a gas torch which gets it going quickly and a blow helps to get the depth of burn started. Best to check after 10mins make sure it's going well rather than leave it to chance and it hasn't caught properly.
Some generators come with a little tray and you can start the burn with a cheap nightlight.
Similar to the ProQ but round with night light provision
Cheeses and Olives on a mesh base plenty of options in various under covers for over the BBQ grills and easy to remove for cleaning I just smoke on the main BBQ grill and wash down after use.
For cheeses cut to sizes that allows the smoke to absorb into it so good depth of flavour. If too big there will be little to no flavour in centres.
Portion your fish, meats etc with vac packing and freezing in mind so you only need to get out your requirements for the meal to be prepared. See vac packing below.
I do batches of individual items or you can mix smoking as shown here. Cheeses, Mackerel fillets and Cod being made ready to smoke.
Cheese vac packed ready for the fridge, I tend not to freeze the cheeses it can be done but it alters the flavours and structure as the water in the cheese freezes more than the fats. Plus we consume the cheese quickly anyways a 5kg block lasts us about a month.
What happens if you cold smoke on a hot day especially in a kettle BBQ like the Weber. Food cooks basically and as shown will melt and create a right mess, fish and meats will end up part cooked which is not good.
Smoke cupboard idea for outside nice and neat make one what size that suits your needs. Based around a 45cm cake rack fit in as many levels as you want.
Smaller smoker basically a box with a lid/door easy as to make.

Just remember you are cold smoking to flavour the food and not part cooking it. Everything you cold smoke or the majority will need to be cooked when required for eating.

Vac packing your fish lasts longer keeps flavour especially cold smoked
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Catch it

Skipper fillets it

Portion it

Dry it

Cold smoke it if desired

Prepare pouches

Vac seal it

Double seal it

Date it and into freezer




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