Technique When Drift Fishing A Reef Or Wrecks On The Move


FISHING FOR COD WITH TWIN TAILS, SHADS, FAT TAIL WORMS: Use a seaboom tube type or strong wire type, attach your trace approx 1 - 1.5m so quite short and add your weight, use a cannon ball weight for drifting. Cod feed on the bottom so you need to stay in touch with them, drop your rig down and once you feel the bottom, reef or wreck then start a slow windup to about 10 turns and then drop down again. If you feel a take DON'T STOP, DON'T STRIKE, DON'T PUMP THE ROD let the fish take the lure and it will hook itself.

HOPPING FOR COD: Rig as above or use a portland rig, drop to the bottom and then jig the rod up and down. Subject to your rod length the up down movement can be as much as 3m or you can use shorter jigs. Hop the weight on the bottom and vary the jig speed to induce takes, cod are lazy feeders they don't chase baits/lures so stay in touch with them. On most occasions they just hit the lures hard and hook themselves, easy fishing once you master the technique.

FISHING FOR POLLOCK WITH JELLY WORMS, EELS, SLIMLINE SHADS: use same technique as previous only increase your trace length, speak to your skipper he will advise you for the location and the numbers on the boat. Come up more turns up to 50 on your reel and note when you get a take how many turns, vary the speed of winding.

The key is: DON'T STOP, DON'T STRIKE, DON'T PUMP THE ROD, DON'T BULLY THE FISH !! We know it works as it's what we do !!

Flying collar style rig with S/S booms note the clock weight on the lower boom, use this type of weight for drifting the sandbanks for Plaice and Turbot, Flounders etc.

Easy rig with my tube booms




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